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I am a 36-year-old woman and I have been working as a domestic maid for an elderly couple. The financial crisis has wreaked havoc on our finances, and whereas before I used to live a comfortable life with my family, my husband and I now have to take two jobs each just to make sure that our family eats three square meals in a day. The couple I work for are very kind, however, the husband has been sickly these past days. There are times I have to sleep over so I can assist my lady boss in taking care of her husband. The couple has a good for nothing son who only steals money from them, and swindle them whenever they have money. One night, my male boss had difficulty breathing so my lady boss requested that I sleep over to keep her company. Because I really care for them, I quickly consented. At midnight, their drunkard son arrived for a visit, drunkenly banging on the couple’s front door. He stared at me lecherously and headed for his parents’ room. As I lay in bed ready to sleep, I saw my doorknob turn and the drunken son leapt at me in bed and started raping me. My screams brought my lady boss running to my room. In his shame, he hit his mother and fled from the house. I am filing a case against him. Because my husband and I are broke, we need to look for a legal aid lawyer. What are the requirements we have to meet before a legal aid lawyer will see us? Do you know a good legal aid lawyer? Thanks!



Augusta, ME


A. You came to just the right web site, Cindy.  Place your question on the JustAnswer box that you can see on this page. You will be able to talk to a legal aid lawyer regarding your concern. You may also get oprtions available for you or perhaps free initial consultation as well. Why dont you try it now! Good luck!

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My family has just immigrated to the States from India two years ago. Our papers are still to be fully processed. Nevertheless, we have been able to go to school, and my elder brother and I have been able to get jobs waiting at tables. I am not sure if we are illegal aliens as my parents are the ones  who really know about our statuses. Although America has been good to us, it is inevitable that we be at the receiving end of racial discrimination, sometimes at school and sometimes at work – mostly coming from customers. We live in a dangerous neighborhood where there is a lot of drug peddling. One night, as my brother and I were walking home, a gang of four guys grabbed my brother’s arms so they can tease and pester me. When one of them grabbed at my breasts, my brother broke free, picked up a rock and hit two guys in the head with it. Seemed like a miracle, huh. Especially when a patrol car came along and the cops found deadly weapons from the gang.  Unfortunately, they had to take in my brother as well since he was in the middle of the trouble when the cops came. The evidence is strong against the other fellows, though. We have no money for a lawyer, so can we avail of the service of a legal aid lawyer? Where do we find a legal aid lawyer? Will a legal aid lawyer entertain illegal aliens? Thanks.



Lansing, MI


A. I understand the predicament you are in, Maryam. A legal aid lawyer will be able to help you with your concern. In this page you will see a JustAnswer box where in you can type in your answer and a legal aid lawyer will answer any question you may have and what options available for you. Try it now.  Good luck, Maryam.

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Reader’s Question:

I am a 20-year-old woman and I am working in a publishing firm as a messenger and because of the economic crunch, have had trouble keeping jobs. I am currently working as a waitress in a small restaurant. My 45-year-old mother has always been a source of concern for us her children. You see, she gets easily duped by men. During our childhood we have seen a procession of men in her life – boyfriends, husbands, live-n partners – and it seems like she has no plans in changing her ways.

Last month was the culmination of the procession of men in our mom’s life. She has a live-in partner for these past year, whose hobby was making her a punching bag. My youngest sister, Alex, still lives with my mom and she tells me of the horrors she has witnessed when “the guy” starts hitting my mom. We can’t do anything against “the guy” because my mom will come to his rescue. Two days ago, when Alex arrived from school, my mom was flat on the floor with “the guy” kicking my mom’s stomach. In a rage, Alex grabbed the kitchen knife and stabbed “the guy” in the back. Alex ran all the way to my apartment. Mom has come around and “the guy” still at the hospital. Alex is in custody because she is a minor. Will a legal aid lawyer be able to help Alex? What about  my mom? Can she get the service of a legal aid lawyer? Where do find a legal aid lawyer? Thanks!


Oklahoma City, OK

There are many sources of legal aid lawyerss. Since you are here, you can put your questions on the JustAnswer box that you can see on this page.  You will be to talk to a lawyer in your area that can help you with yoru concern. You might also be able to get free initial consultation and prices and other options that you may have. Try it now. :)